What We Offer


This is the core of who we are as a training facility. Mixed modality training combining functional movements, gymnastics, body-weight, and strength training to reach your truest form of human potential.


Name anything in life that wouldn’t be easier if you were 5% stronger than you are right now? Build is all about focusing on the aesthetic and athletic carryover to all aspects of life by being a stronger version of you.


Core development and the ability to control and manipulate one’s bodyweight based on the task, is why we place such an emphasis on gymnastics.

Olympic Lifting

Regardless of athletic ability nothing is going to increase lean muscle mass like the Olympic movements present. Understanding the mechanics of movements are the emphasis in this course.


One of the biggest buzzwords in today’s world of fitness; this class is all about building your “engine”. Understanding your individual pacing, thresholds, and increasing your knowledge base of how to control breathing and heart rate when placed under physical demands.

Personal Training

Your goals are our priority! Let us help you re-hab, pre-hab, teach, develop , and guide you towards your specific needs/wants.

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